Girls Season 4: So Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) is growing up, right?

Girls Season 4 Finale Hannah Adam Incubator

Watched the fourth-season finale of Girls last night; oddly enough, I did so right after watching a TED Talk. I doubt there are many people out there with penises who have gone from watching a TED Talk to watching an episode of Girls, but… Continue Reading


“Broad City” is now better than “Girls.” Here’s why.

You can make an argument, and you’d be extremely right, that Broad City and Girls aren’t in any type of competition except out there on the Internet where people like to debate things. If you’re a fan of actual character… Continue Reading

Lena Dunham shot her load too early; the Season 3 final image of “Girls” should have been the final image forever

Spoilers and whatnot follow. At the end of Sunday night’s Girls season finale — which lost a pop culture canon it should have won because The Good Wife went and did the damn thing — we see Hannah and Adam essentially broken up, or… Continue Reading


HBO’s Girls is renewed for Season 4. Adam Driver thinks he’s coming back. But would the show be better if Hannah and Adam were broken up?

Connect these dots for a second: 1. HBO has ordered a Season 4 of Girls. 2. Adam Driver believes he’s coming back: I don’t know. I leave that in the hands of people smarter than me, and definitely more articulate. [Laughs] But yeah,… Continue Reading

Lena Dunham, of Girls fame, is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. How’s this going to go?

Theoretically, this has the possibility to shut down the Internet for a few 20-second stretches. We don’t know a ton about it so far — she is hanging out with the girls in the cast, though. girl pile in Studio… Continue Reading


Walter White, Tony Soprano, Don Draper, Jimmy McNulty (and Hannah Horvath) … what’s up with our love of the anti-hero?

Think about this for a second: in general, the best TV shows of the past 10-15 years or so are believed to be The Sopranos, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and some combination of other shows you like (Walking Dead, foreign… Continue Reading

If you’re single, the best place to live is probably Colorado Springs or El Paso

Since college, I was single in central CT and then NYC. Both were hell in their own right. In central CT, I rocked eHarmony for a bit. I met a cool girl who was doing med school at Yale —… Continue Reading


This season of Girls is basically completely about Hannah (Lena Dunham) and that’s making it be pretty awful

I watch Girls and I do so semi-religiously, despite being a 33 year-old guy who doesn’t live in New York anymore and looks like a cross between a sub-par college football player and a character from Of Mice and Men. I doubt I’m really… Continue Reading