London has 72 billionaires. Moscow has 48, NYC has 43, and San Francisco has 42. Ah, the 1 Percent…

If you’re looking for that kind of lifestyle, your best bet is in London, apparently. The city has 72 billionaires, which is 24 more than the next-highest concentration (48, in Moscow). There are 104 billionaires in Great Britain altogether, topped by the Hinduja Brothers. Almost the entirety of the 104 from Britain were¬†born abroad, meaning (if you want to read it this way) that London capital tends to attract some of the best minds in the world (financially speaking). And if you want to talk about the rise of the top at the expense of the stagnation of the middle/bottom, consider this: in Britain, 10 years ago you needed 700 million (pounds) to make the list of ‘top 50 richest people in England.’ Now? You need¬†1.7 billion pounds. The elite get more elite, even across the pond.

Ted Bauer

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