Pro-Choice! Pro-Life! Um, how about Pro-Voice?

Aspen Baker and Pro-Voice Abortion

Personally have never understood the over-politicization of the abortion topic, especially because it’s inherently ironic that decisions about women’s bodies can be dictated in a political arena, which is predominantly old white men with money. 

Now there’s this:

Pro-voice means listening to all stories, in a kind and caring way. “The feminist who regrets her abortion, the Catholic grateful for hers,” says Baker, “personal abortion experiences don’t fit neatly into one camp or the other. … If we truly listen to one another, we will hear things that demand that we shift our own perceptions.”

The woman who came up with this concept of Pro-Voice, Aspen Baker, is the founder of Exhale. She spoke about the idea recently at TEDWomen 2015, where the Indigo Girls apparently also played:

I would much rather a talk like this one than Monica Lewinsky deifying herself, for sure.

Ted Bauer