Isn’t it time we were more open about sex?

The conversations we don’t have are harming us. Continue Reading


Younger Catholics seem to be OK with homosexuality

Catholic Church and Homsexuality

I converted to Catholicism in March of 2013. I wouldn’t necessarily say I was anything major before that — I think technically I was Protestant — but I converted in part because it seemed relevant / interesting (my mom grew… Continue Reading

Brazil, Canada and Australia have some of the lowest homophobia rates in the world

That above chart is from The Atlantic Cities; as you may know, the Sochi Winter Olympics begin this evening, and Russia hasn’t exactly been the friendliest of places for homosexuals leading up to the Games. If you look at the map, red… Continue Reading


Thomas Garrett, a legislator in Virginia, seems hell-bent on criminalizing oral sex between teenagers

Thomas Garrett is a State Senator in Virginia; he covers District 22, which is kind of an odd middle section of the state in between Richmond and Roanoke. He’s a Republican and fairly conservative; here’s a list of some of… Continue Reading