Brief thought exercise: what songs MUST you play at a wedding reception?

Little bit softer now … and a little bit softer now … Continue Reading

Song that hits you out of nowhere: Okkervil River’s “Pink Slips”

Nine years down in Texas With sluts of both sexes Liars, lumps, and drug addicts, and drunks I love my friends Oddly beautiful. Also, the entire song contains deep allegorical references to the career of Kevin Costner: Read this for… Continue Reading

Who did the best cover of Wrecking Ball? Haim? Masha? James Arthur? The Gregory Brothers?

The actual, official one — by Miley Cyrus — is above. There are about 10 million covers of this thing (Ryan Seacrest runs down about 32 of ’em here, with videos) and despite the fact that the original song came… Continue Reading

Beyonce and Jay-Z doing an On The Run summer tour, eh? July 4th weekend in Philly just got a lot more intense

Go to about 2:30 on the above video, if you wish. Beyonce is doing “Upgrade U” live in Los Angeles, wearing a flowery yellow dress, and suddenly, Jay-Z — who is a part of that song if you were to… Continue Reading

The term “ratchet,” from the Selfie Song and Beyonce’s Instagram? The guy who invented it is serving a life prison sentence.

Ratchet is a big thing on the pop culture scene these days. LL Cool J had a single of that name, it’s been on Beyonce’s earrings via Instagram, and it comes up in the Selfie Song, embedded above. I was riding in… Continue Reading


The most popular two words to rhyme in modern pop music history might be “do” and “you”

This is fairly cool: if you analyze the Billboard Hot 100 at the end of every year from 1960 to 2013, and look for what words the artists attempted to rhyme together (and only take one example per song, to avoid… Continue Reading

American investors love companies that have growth potential but may be losing money: Amazon, Pandora, etc. Is Spotify next?

Amazon doesn’t really make profits, and investors love it. Pandora is having strong growth in monthly active users, but was a company in 2005 and just had a profitable year in 2013 — and that’s only if you remove certain one-off expenses. Meanwhile, look at… Continue Reading

What’s up with Daft Punk and the helmets anyway?

Couple of big themes from the Grammys last night — Macklemore had a nice performance in which 33 couples were married, Beyonce and Jay-Z proved once again that they own the world, Pharrell Williams’ hat, Lorde winning a bunch of… Continue Reading