So, have we already met the next Nick Saban?

People used to say that God placed Michael Jordan on this Earth to play basketball. That’s likely somewhat true, and if you believe in arcs like that, then God probably placed Nick Saban on this Earth to coach college football.… Continue Reading


It’s somewhat of a shame that Rob Ford’s end of days are approaching

I’m not a very big fan of crack (nor should anyone be). I’ve never touched the stuff myself, nor would I have any real inclination to, especially since it’s the face of urban blight. I especially since it’s bad when public… Continue Reading


Ross Ulbricht, or ‘Dread Pirate Roberts,’ is the real-life Walter White

No, he didn’t get cancer and start cooking meth. But in the grand scheme of what it means to ‘break bad’ — and Jesse Pinkman’s eternal question, which is ‘Can that really be done?’ — Ross Ulbricht did it all.  We still… Continue Reading


El Chapo should probably be listed among the most powerful people in the world

Here is Forbes’ list of the 100 most powerful people in the world; the big news here is that Putin unseated Obama at No. 1. That shouldn’t really be big news: Russia is about to be at the forefront of… Continue Reading

Scientists spend a lot of time searching for dark matter, despite not really knowing if it exists

The Large Underground Xenon experiment, or LUX, just failed to turn up dark matter. So wait, what exactly is dark matter? Let’s quote the article, so that I can sound a wee bit smarter in the process. Even more so than… Continue Reading

The NSA maybe strikes again, and a Mars colony seems like more and more of an idea

Basic rundown: the NSA tapped Google and Yahoo data centers via a program called MUSCULAR, which is different than PRISM (that’s a legal program/partnership where tech companies share data with the government). This is based partially on Edward Snowden documents. Keith Alexander,… Continue Reading

The future of Siracha is in question

About two weeks ago, Quartz did a pretty amazing profile of the makers of Siracha hot sauce, namely Huy Fong Foods in the Los Angeles area. They honestly should be the subject of a Harvard Business Review case study: they sell 20… Continue Reading


Well hot damn, the 2014 Sochi Olympics are in 100 days. Um, should we be worried?

Russia’s about to welcome the world to Sochi, beginning a stretch somewhat akin to Brazil’s current stretch: in addition to these Winter Olympics, Sochi is hosting the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix from 2014 until at least 2020, and is… Continue Reading