What if what’s really being “disrupted” is The American Dream?

American Dream Disrupted

When you hear the word “disruption” in someone’s keynote speech, really they’re talking about how your quality of life is about to collapse. Continue Reading

This President Obama State of the Union word cloud is all about America and unity

Here’s the word cloud from last night’s State of the Union address. Some of the top words: “America” and “American” and “Americans.” See a theme here? Other key ones: “people” and “jobs” and “help” and “work.” Again, see a theme? Here’s… Continue Reading

Dave Trotter is a great American in many ways

One of the great things about America — maybe the greatest thing — is the flexibility, within some kind of reason, to do what you want with a career and a professional path. I’m always surprised when I shoot the shit with… Continue Reading

Lonnie Johnson, in some ways, could personify the ‘American Dream’

Lonnie Johnson, who created the Super Soaker water gun, was awarded $72.9 million this week from Hasbro to settle a royalty dispute via arbitration. It all goes back to a 2001 inventors’ dispute in which Hasbro agreed to pay Johnson royalties… Continue Reading