The Templeton Rye Pork Project is about making your bacon taste like whiskey. Good idea, or awful execution of science?

Here’s the deal. You can essentially request a pig that will taste like whiskey because of a process whereby they eat the dry distillery grain during the raising process. It’s all overseen by Nick Berry from Iowa State University and only features 25 pigs. Via… Continue Reading


Why did the Copenhagen Zoo have to kill Marius the Giraffe anyway? Ah yes, science vs. emotion

This is a terrible story on surface, but it does have a scientific background, apparently. The Copenhagen Zoo killed a two-year-old giraffe named Marius (anesthesia then shot it), then chopped it up for tiger/lion meat (this is where it gets… Continue Reading


On humpback whales and communication

Last night, 60 Minutes did a piece on humpback whales. Two quick side notes before I get going here: (a) with the amount (and the distances) that Scott Pelley travels for his long-form features, how does he ever host the nightly news?… Continue Reading