You can thank evolution for the size and shape of your face (maybe)

FYI: genes that have been linked to facial structure vary more than DNA in other parts of the body. (I had no idea.) This makes logical sense from an evolutionary standpoint. For example, let’s say everyone looked pretty much the… Continue Reading

Humans and Neanderthals may have overlapped in Europe for 5,400 years

These numbers are way different than what we thought earlier, and speaks to the idea of interbreeding. Continue Reading

If we can extend the length of human telomeres, can we basically end the era of humans dying?

That’s a trailer for a movie that was accepted into South x Southwest this year called The Immortalists. You can read more about it here, but essentially the film follows two guys — not exactly or really scientists, per se —… Continue Reading

The key to understanding love on Valentine’s Day isn’t Hallmark, it’s the insula and the striatum

Lot of different theories on V-Day depending on where you are in the great relational roller coaster — some love it, some hate it, some utterly indifferent towards it. (I’m married, but more the latter than anything else.) I thought… Continue Reading