Here’s why artificial intelligence should probably terrify you

I was talking to a friend on Sunday, just about the state of the world — as one is wanton to do on a Sunday — and we started talking about the generally sci-fi idea that evolution won’t end with… Continue Reading

You can thank evolution for the size and shape of your face (maybe)

FYI: genes that have been linked to facial structure vary more than DNA in other parts of the body. (I had no idea.) This makes logical sense from an evolutionary standpoint. For example, let’s say everyone looked pretty much the… Continue Reading

Humans and Neanderthals may have overlapped in Europe for 5,400 years

These numbers are way different than what we thought earlier, and speaks to the idea of interbreeding. Continue Reading


What if evolution doesn’t end with humans?

The link text for this article on Slate — essentially about the possibility of technology replacing a lot of human jobs, which has been a concern for a decade or more at this point — is: “Technology is getting smarter. Humans aren’t.”… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: have you ever stopped and realized that the reason you’re not a chimp is 1/50th of your DNA?

I read Guns, Germs and Steel on the first intercontinental flight I ever took (which sadly didn’t happen until I was 28), and while that’s maybe not the best flying-over-the-Atlantic reading material, it was pretty captivating (it has sold millions of copies). I came… Continue Reading


Let’s all talk about creationism in schools ranging from Louisiana to South Dakota

South Dakota now wants to teach creationism/intelligent design in its schools. (Creationism is basically the idea that life, Earth and the universe are the product of a supernatural being, i.e. God.) Problem is, since about 1968, it’s been illegal to teach… Continue Reading