You over-inflate your intelligence when you use Google

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There are about 124 million Google searches per month for “porn”

Sienna West Google

I’ve written about porn a couple of times — here and here — and while I try not to write about it a lot, lest this start being viewed as spam, I do believe it’s an important topic to touch… Continue Reading

On The Fappening, Kate Upton, ethics and all that

When nudes get released of celebs, how should we process that information? Continue Reading

The ‘telemetric age’ — a.k.a. ‘The Internet Of Things’ — could be normative by 2025. (Gird your loins!)

This, today, from Pew Research: “One positive effect of ‘ubiquitous computing,’ as it used to be called, will be much faster, more convenient, and lower-cost medical diagnostics. This will be essential if we are to meet the health care needs… Continue Reading


Is this whole Katie Couric thing a major step for the Internet? (Probably not.)

So the basic story is: Katie Couric, uber-respected female newswoman (I think that’s something at least a good handful of people believe), gets her own show (Katie) with ABC. Less than three years into that, uber-profiled female CEO Marissa Mayer… Continue Reading

So, “selfie” is the Oxford Word of the Year for 2013. Thanks, Australia.

Yes, that happened — and according to Oxford, the decision was “with little if any argument.” Oxford had it as a ‘word on the radar’ back in June 2012 (the Oxford Dictionaries blog is surprisingly pretty interesting), but as they themselves… Continue Reading