Kevin McHale was one of the greatest power forwards ever. Dude has to be looking at LaMarcus Aldridge right now and saying “Well, goddamn.”

I’ve never been to Portland, OR save for about 1 hour in the airport, and I’ve never seen a Blazers game in person (statement 1 would seem to flow directly to statement 2, right?), but I unabashedly love the Blazers and… Continue Reading


Cities go with low taxes to attract entrepreneurs and new companies; the entrepreneurs want talent and livability

Fact: San Francisco and Boston — two innovation hubs based on coasts, universities, etc. — are becoming more expensive. Fact: cities like Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, right there in the heartland/Rust Belt, are beginning to attract new start-ups and incubators and… Continue Reading


A semi-critical look at why exactly the Portland Trailblazers are good right now

Let me start with a quick story: I’ve never been to Portland. Not once. Not even for a layover. When I was a little kid, though, I absolutely loved those “Rip City” Blazers teams — the ones with Drexler and Porter and… Continue Reading


A ton of interesting things are happening in Maine right now

We’ve previously talked about Michaud vs. LePage in 2014, but a ton of interesting things are happening in Maine right now. First, check out the video above (from PBS NewsHour); Maine is the first state to allow prescription drug imports from… Continue Reading