The best place for a career in 2014

I love “best places to live” studies and research, because I think it’s a fundamental question of the next generation coming up in the workplace. The Utah and Colorado areas always tend to do very well, and you can also… Continue Reading

Gallup chimes in on the where-you-should-live idea with Provo, Utah (joining everyone else)

Every media-type organization ends up doing a “best places to live” or “best places to work” metric/discussion/table/poll/etc. — all based off different adjusted factors — and Gallup is no different. They released a “Well-Being Index” recently that saw Provo, Utah at… Continue Reading


The age of Mia Love is now upon us all

You may have heard that seven-term Utah Democrat Jim Matheson isn’t seeking an eighth term, because, as the National Republican Congressional Committee will tell you: “It’s telling that Matheson, who didn’t even vote for ObamaCare’s original passage, knows he can’t run and… Continue Reading


The Milken Best Performing Cities list tells us to move west of the Mississippi and/or embrace Columbia, Missouri

The Milken Institute released its annual Best Performing Cities list this week. Here’s the methodology, and here’s the list of “best large cities” and “best small cities.” There are a bunch of cool features, including the ability to compare different cities,… Continue Reading