Chart: Most CMOs have no clue about digital marketing

CMOs Don't Understand Digital Marketing

The chart above comes from this post, and is kind of similar to a post I once wrote about people “not getting it” in terms of digital marketing, especially because you can make money from digital. CMOs have been claiming for years that they will spend more on digital and analytics, and while the numbers have been going up, they still represent a small slice of overall marketing budgets.

The sheet fact is this: people cling to what they know. If you run a marketing team and you came up with one formula for revenue success, you’re clinging to that formula and maybe slowly adapting to a few digital things (“Hey, we post on Facebook!”). People don’t want to rock the boat of metrics and success definitions that have worked for them; work is such a fraught exercise in people-pleasing as it is, no one wants to start anew with new strategies unless they absolutely must.

That, in a nutshell, is why only 1 in 10 CMOs has a fully-live integrated digital marketing plan between online and offline.

Ted Bauer