The best place for a career in 2014

I love “best places to live” studies and research, because I think it’s a fundamental question of the next generation coming up in the workplace. The Utah and Colorado areas always tend to do very well, and you can also… Continue Reading

Gallup chimes in on the where-you-should-live idea with Provo, Utah (joining everyone else)

Every media-type organization ends up doing a “best places to live” or “best places to work” metric/discussion/table/poll/etc. — all based off different adjusted factors — and Gallup is no different. They released a “Well-Being Index” recently that saw Provo, Utah at… Continue Reading

Delaware tips the least (14 percent). Alaska tips the most (over 17 percent). And for cities, Denver tips the most. Fun with studies!

Check out the map above. It’s based on data from Square — more on that in a second — summarized here and here. The data looks at tipping across America, and on the second link, you can see every state… Continue Reading

Lest you think this stuff doesn’t happen, Daniel Onodera ran a meth/human trafficking/child sex ring out of some apartments near Denver

It’s a big time for the antihero in popular culture, to be sure — and a big time for the antihero in real life, too — but here’s a ridiculous story out of the Denver area. This guy named Daniel Onodera ran… Continue Reading

Public transportation ridership rose 37 percent from 1995 to 2013. That’s a good thing, right?

The conventional logic says that public transportation will rise as gas prices rise (basic economic situation there). That seemed to be the case in the 1950s in some cities, but now — via data from the American Public Transportation Association… Continue Reading

The AFC Championship Game is the 15th meeting between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Sheesh. Here’s some history.

I have no idea what’s going to happen with these Conference Championship Games. San Francisco hasn’t been able to do anything in Seattle since about December 2011, so that game could become a rout — but SF just won two… Continue Reading


We all think it could be a Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl, but history hasn’t favored No. 1 seeds

Here’s the current NFL playoff picture, although a lot can change in these last three weeks: on the AFC side, DEN and NE get byes; on the NFC side, SEA and NO do. Seattle seems like a pretty solid lock… Continue Reading

Patrick Roy could be a rageaholic, but the Colorado Avalanche are probably the best story in the NHL right now

Take a look at the teams that made the NHL playoffs last year: in the East, ’twas PIT, MON, WAS, BOS, TOR, NYR, OTT, and NYI. In the West, ’twas CHI, ANA, VAN, STL, LAK, SJS, DET, and MIN. Detroit moved… Continue Reading