Facebook might not be popular among teens, but it’ll still rule their lives

Facebook and the Internet of Things

Follow the bouncing ball: Even though people bitch about it all the time, Facebook is a fairly dominant platform. That said, it has some issues. Especially with teenagers. (Although buying Instagram was a good play.) Its core business, though, is really the… Continue Reading

Should Jibo the robot (and social robotics in general) terrify you, or is it a good step?

This is an interesting thing to think about: let’s say ‘The Internet of Things’ may be fully normative by 2030 or so. That means your house is all connected, and you can update everything via a smartphone, etc. People have been… Continue Reading

The ‘telemetric age’ — a.k.a. ‘The Internet Of Things’ — could be normative by 2025. (Gird your loins!)

This, today, from Pew Research: “One positive effect of ‘ubiquitous computing,’ as it used to be called, will be much faster, more convenient, and lower-cost medical diagnostics. This will be essential if we are to meet the health care needs… Continue Reading

Honda (a car company) and UC-Davis just built a smart home together. Wait, why?

Our homes + our cars = 44 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. So what if the two were synced up — as part of the emerging “Internet of Things” or “smart grid” — in an effort to get to zero-carbon… Continue Reading