Looks like millennials aren’t buying homes

Got that from here, which also has this chart: If you take those two charts together, here’s what you get:


If you’re single in San Francisco, it’ll take you 17 years of income to buy a home

Easiest Places To Buy A Home In The U.S.

Read it, like it, share it. (Buttons at bottom.)  I pretty much summarize every article Richard Florida writes on CityLab, so I might as well go ahead and summarize this one too. This is about “How Many Years Of Income… Continue Reading

Someone is now paying $500K/month to rent in New York City

Pierre Hotel Exterior

One of the major reasons I recently lived in Minnesota, and now live in Texas — despite the fact that a lot of my friends live in New York City (and, in fact, I’m from there) — is because New… Continue Reading