More evidence that thought leadership might be garbage

Thought leadership garbage

Gahhhhhhh. Continue Reading

The death of B2B sales and marketing? Nope.

Death of B2B sales and marketing

People have been talking about the death of B2B sales and marketing for a while now — heck, I even did so in March of 2015 with this post and this graphic: That slide was captured at something called the… Continue Reading


Maybe we should stop talking about “lead generation”

Pretty interesting post on Forrester about “The Sales Enablement Forum,” which was apparently an event a few weeks back in Scottsdale, Arizona.¬†Quick word of caution: if you’re very wary of business buzzwords, I’d probably avoid reading that post linked above… Continue Reading


There was B2B, and B2C. Now people are discussing H2H, or human-to-human. Is this legit, or just more buzzwords?

A lot of people on LinkedIn recently have been sharing different memes / blackboards / content around the idea of “H2H” marketing — meaning “human to human,” as opposed to the conventional ideas in the space, which have long included… Continue Reading