You know it rains more in Houston than Seattle?

Look, look, look … before we get too far into this party, you can slice data in a million different ways and contextualize it in a million different ways. (If you don’t believe that, go get into an argument with… Continue Reading

How to beat the Seattle Seahawks: control possession and use the tight end

As you likely know by now, the San Diego Chargers beat the Seattle Seahawks yesterday. While it simply means both teams are 1-1, it was a semi-stunning result because the Seahawks hadn’t lost for seemingly years (in reality, they lost twice at… Continue Reading

So, the Seattle Seahawks could become a dynasty, right?

The Super Bowl was terrible last year — phrased another way, the Seahawks are really good. The last time any NFL team won back-to-back Super Bowls was 2003-2004 (the Patriots). Begs the question, obviously: can the Seahawks do that, and can they… Continue Reading

In organizations, does decentralization generate experimentation?

Here’s interesting stuff from three economics / business guys — one from Stanford, one from Harvard and one from London School of Economics (the entire thing sounds like the beginning of a joke, right?) — about decentralized authority structures and… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: is ridesharing service Uber racist, or the antithesis of racism?

I really like Uber, but there are two distinct ways to look at it along the “Are they potentially racist or not?” spectrum. Here’s a simple breakdown. Feel free to offer thoughts in comments. Maybe they are: In most (not all) communities, taxi… Continue Reading


What’s the best city council in America? Austin, TX? Irvine, CA? Seattle, WA?

There are countless lists ranking the best Presidents ever, the best Governors currently, the best-run states in America, and tons of other political stuff. There’s a popular show about local/city government (Parks and Recreation), but broadly, we don’t speak about… Continue Reading

Could the Seattle Mariners (and Robinson Cano) be this year’s MLB sleeper team?

My dad got on a plane this morning to hit up Florida for spring training; by now every team has reported and you’ve got games beginning in earnest. They mean nothing on surface, but they’re important for an emotional/functional reason. I live… Continue Reading


Cities go with low taxes to attract entrepreneurs and new companies; the entrepreneurs want talent and livability

Fact: San Francisco and Boston — two innovation hubs based on coasts, universities, etc. — are becoming more expensive. Fact: cities like Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, right there in the heartland/Rust Belt, are beginning to attract new start-ups and incubators and… Continue Reading