The three types of workplace fear

Here’s an article about passive aggressiveness at work (which is something that ideally would have ended in the 1400s), and the author brings up an interesting point near the end. There are essentially three types of fear at work (there are… Continue Reading


Deep thought: The three things you can’t talk about

Talk about sex, money, and failure

This is something kinda interesting to me, so I thought I’d do a quick post about it. If you really get down to it, there are three things that basically explain life: Sex: This begins it. Failure: This is what you learn from, give… Continue Reading

How to ID a bad boss: Single point of failure all the time

Single Point of Failure and Managers

Wrote once about the (probably not so) hidden cost of having a bad manager. Here’s another thing I thought of in the car ride back from therapy this morning. The following doesn’t apply to my current manager, but does apply to a bunch of people… Continue Reading


People always question failure. What about questioning success?

Question Success As Much As Failure

Almost regardless of the job level you have, if you’ve failed at something at work, someone has been up in your arse crack about it. “Why did that happen? I need answers!” People can be miserable, especially middle managers — who… Continue Reading

Here’s a quick test that could determine if you’re going to be wealthy

Make Money Money

Check this out: You scan the grid, then figure out what number is associated with “music.” Then you answer. Simple, right? Thing is, the answers are easy — but after a couple of minutes of doing this, your brain basically… Continue Reading


Problem-solving at work: Struggle and insight go together

Struggles often lead to insights

There are dozens of things I don’t understand about how most workplaces are structured, but potentially paramount among that series of things I don’t get is this sequence: A business needs ideas and innovations from time to time to move… Continue Reading

The biggest themes of the most-shared Internet content are…

What Does The Internet Think About?

If you read David Plotz’s goodbye letter from Slate a while back, you might assume that all that matters on the Internet is memes and funny (or animal) pictures. (Hell, if you’ve ever been on the Internet for 45 or… Continue Reading


Almost regardless of situation, failure is tied to excuses

Failure and Excuses

People fail at things literally every single second around the world. In the course of whatever day you’re reading this post, you probably failed at something. I’ve failed at something on the day I’m writing this. It’s probably the most… Continue Reading