The ecosystem of mistakes being made at work

Like many things at work, this is about how good at their job your manager is. Continue Reading

Why don’t we discuss “manager engagement” or “manager experience?”

Strategic account managers

Shouldn’t we want those who make the trains run to feel good about their jobs? Continue Reading

Management Skills 101: Failure happens

Failure and management skills

What if we worried less about chasing targets, and spent more time on real conversations about failure and how to grow from it? (As opposed to accusatory shouting about what didn’t happen.) Continue Reading


The 12 worst types of managers you can (will) have


Let’s start with a basic idea right up front: most people who become managers aren’t actually good at it. Broadly speaking (and realizing that each case is different), this happens for two reasons: Management isn’t intuitive: What got you there doesn’t work when you… Continue Reading

‘Stretch assignments’ are mostly bullshit, but real human growth isn’t

Real Human Growth As A Manager

I hate the term “stretch assignment” conceptually, because it’s pretty much a white whale for a lot of organizations. They talk about it, but no one is really serious about it (except in very forward-thinking organizations): business is mostly set… Continue Reading

Your boss probably lacks EQ

EQ in Management

From here, observe this graph:


Here’s a pretty simple lesson about showing respect at work


Out of all the stuff I’ve ever written on this blog, including the true crime stuff, one of the things that made me the saddest was writing about how no one apparently “has the time” to respect their employees at… Continue Reading


The employee-manager relationship is inherently doomed

Employee Manager Relationship

If you stopped and thought about the general (because every situation is unique) relationship between employees and their managers, you might honestly think each side was speaking a different language: maybe the employee is coming to work and doing their day-to-day tasks… Continue Reading