Can you challenge the status quo at work?

Challenge the status quo

It’s not about rolling over and playing dead for the execs, but it does involve a bit of strategy and logic. Continue Reading

Business case: Personalize the arguments

Business Case

“No time, Lance! I’m building out my slide deck, baby! Check out these transitions!” Continue Reading

How to present better: Get excited

Written about this a bunch of times before, because I think it’s amazing how infrequently we discuss the idea of better, more effective presentations — especially when you consider that if you want to get an idea/point/concept across to someone,… Continue Reading

How to present better: Do your slides last

Personally hate PowerPoint and think it’s mostly totally worthless for presentations — and also think we get a lot of things wrong about presentations in general, including but not limited to: How we teach them How we focus them so… Continue Reading


Stop chasing bullet points

Stop Chasing Bullet Points

Here’s what I mean by the headline: the idea of “chasing bullet points” means that, instead of doing actual work that moves forward the organizational purpose or the bottom line in some way, you’re looking for stats/numbers/some other concept that… Continue Reading


Big Data: You need to actually be able to explain things to people. We forget that step.

Florence Nightingale Data Visualization

That right there is a data visualization Florence Nightingale did over 100 years ago; I found it in this post from Kellogg (Northwestern), which is an awesome article about visualizing data. I won’t go super deep into this — you… Continue Reading

How to be better at presentations and communications: A.I.M.

Audience Intent Message

If you really distill work — or, frankly, your entire life — down to a couple of core tenets, I would say one you might arrive at is “The ability to develop ideas and present them to others.” That’s the… Continue Reading


Everyone needs to learn how to give presentations

Giving Presentations

Couple of stories before we get going on this post. 1. I went to graduate school (for business/organizational development) from 2012 to 2014. It was a little bit off-task, to be sure. In the first semester of the first year, we had… Continue Reading