Company hierarchy sucks. Can we improve the issues?

Company hierarchy

We keep hearing that top-down management doesn’t work in 2016, but hierarchy is a massive brain-soother for many in the corporate sphere. But it sucks. So, er, what now? Continue Reading


How to make conversation: A semi-informative guide

How to make conversation

It’s not really about slinging business cards around or dressing down your employees. It’s more like a game of catch. (And also: it blows up the idea of professionalism.) Continue Reading


Professionalism in the workplace is about code-switching

Professionalism in the Workplace

One concept that often makes me want to self-immolate is when people begin discussing professionalism in the workplace. Lest you think I’m racing to any employer and throwing buckets of water at everyone as if I’m Doink the Clown, let… Continue Reading

Intersection of hierarchy and professionalism = double standard of life

Professionalism Is A Racket

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. I’m not entirely sure why, but it probably has some ties back to writing this blog each day. Most people generally understand what “hierarchy” is. Even in companies that claim to… Continue Reading

Maybe we need to focus less on “professionalism”

Let's abandon professionalism

We mostly use it as a way to keep certain people down anyway. Continue Reading