A project management dashboard ain’t gonna save you

Project Management Dashboard

Tech doesn’t always save you. Continue Reading


Project management tools only work if…

Project Management Tools

… human elements, like clarity, context, and communication. Continue Reading


The great project planning myth

Project Planning

Project planning? No time! I got a boss to please! (But seriously, here’s a research-backed look at why most project plans aren’t that great.) Continue Reading

No workplace can be ‘creative’ under current management models

No workplace can really be creative under current management models

Managers love to talk about having creative teams, or creative people, or creative ideas — but most of that is a crock. Just like we confuse “strategy” (which is a long-term vision) with “operations” (which is the day-to-day execution of… Continue Reading

On ‘management by due date’

Management by Due Date

There are differing types of less-than-stellar management, including: The Merry-Go-Round The No-ROI Deliverables Model The ‘Set A Fire, Resolve A Fire, Brag About Fixing It’ Model The ‘I’ll Tell You Exactly How This Needs To Be Done’ Model The ‘Let’s… Continue Reading


On no-ROI deliverables

I’ve been working 13 years. I’m about to turn 35 years old. (Less than one month, yay.) The first two years I was working, I taught inner-city elementary school in Houston as part of Teach for America.┬áThen, I worked for… Continue Reading

Here’s a new way to start work projects

Stop and think for a second, sir. Continue Reading

Every project at work should start with defining roles

Defining Roles At Work

In the 12 or so years I’ve been a member of the working world, one of the things I’ve struggled with in various jobs is understanding what exactly my role is sometimes on different projects. This is likely a problem… Continue Reading