The importance of being rejected

Being Rejected

Look at the above graphic. Being rejected is pretty much one of the most normal things that can happen to you in life and/or business. Unless I’m reading the graphic wrong, J.K. Rowling isn’t mentioned — and she received ‘loads… Continue Reading

Why busy doesn’t mean productive

Busy doesn't mean productive

I’ve been working now for close to a decade and a half. One major thing that people always miss: busy doesn’t mean productive. I write about the idea of “busy” vs. “productive” a lot, actually. To wit, here’s three examples: Only… Continue Reading

How to prepare better for meetings and calls

Prepare better for meetings and calls

It’s amazing to me how many people I’ve worked with over the years who seem to put absolutely no thought into how to prepare better for meetings and calls. Look, the sad fact of the matter is — much of… Continue Reading


The problem with future of work discussions

Problem with future of work dialogue

There’s a big problem with future of work discussions. I love talking about the future of work — heck, on this blog I have a full tag for future of work. I’ve probably slid it into about six different headlines (or… Continue Reading

Does content marketing work when everyone says the same shit?

Does content marketing work?

Does content marketing work? Chances are your CMO heard about it at some conference, or got pitched it by some consultant, and they may green-light it just because they don’t really have the time to consider other options … they’ve… Continue Reading

Content marketing keyword research is still crucial

Content marketing keyword research

There has been some debate in content marketing / inbound marketing circles about keyword research of late, with SEO demi-god Rand Fishkin even doing a ‘Whiteboard Friday’ a few weeks on MOZ on the idea of ‘keywords’ vs. ‘topics’ in… Continue Reading

How to get organized at work

How to get organized at work

I’ve probably worked with 1,500 different people in various jobs I’ve had. I could count maybe 4 that ever spent a second thinking about how to get organized at work. The common way most people approach the concept of ‘how… Continue Reading

How to fix a terrible conversion strategy

Website conversion strategy

It’s somewhat stunning to me how few marketers and salespeople think about their website’s conversion strategy. This is a true story, by the way; it’s not made up in any way. A few years ago, I had this gig in… Continue Reading