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Nordstrom: full-line store sales down 1.2%, but Nordstrom.com up 22%. A new trend?

Cool article on Forbes about Nordstrom’s evolving strategy in retail; consider this paragraph especially: It is very important to understand the customer’s need to find time to shop.  Nordstrom gets this.  Consumers, especially young working… Continue reading

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Satya Nadella and Microsoft just hit one of the all-time corporate pivot moments

Remember back in about 1996, when there were all sorts of pre-Internet memes about how, if Bill Gates stumbled across a $20 on the street, it actually wasn’t worth his time to bend over… Continue reading

Amazon vs. Netflix is getting more and more interesting

Just learned this today: Amazon has an entire landing page for “not on Netflix.” A shot across the bow? Perhaps. It’s kind of interesting broadly, though: five-six years ago, you would maybe kinda view Amazon and… Continue reading

The world got impatient; one second of slower load time can cost Amazon $1.6 billion across a year

There are some statistics you run across in the course of consuming information that just straight up blow your mind. Here’s one example: The most staggering statistic in @VaclavSmil’s new book: b-gat.es/1oYsC7G http://t.co/QPcBscSLXj—… Continue reading

What is Alibaba? It’s kind of like if you combined Amazon, Hulu, JCPenney, PayPal, Google Maps, Twitter, Spotify, Orbitz…

Lot of news recently about Alibaba, since it’s going public in the United States. A common refrain is: what is it? There are many ways to answer that — do your own Google search… Continue reading

Social media pretty much killed the marketing funnel and the relationship between “advocacy” and “customer”

One central component of marketing is the idea of “the funnel.” You can look at it in different ways, but essentially it teaches you how customers move through their interactions with a brand:… Continue reading

The last time Amazon didn’t post at least 14 percent sales growth in a quarter was the fall of 2001. Whoa.

Check out the chart above; essentially, the last time that Amazon had quarter-over-quarter sales growth of less than 14 percent was, ahem, 2001. This is a completely new model in the business world in some ways, because… Continue reading

Is UberRush going to change the world, or ultimately make it more depressing?

Uber — which may have been on a path towards world domination anyway — just launched this thing called UberRush (trial version is in Manhattan), which essentially works like this: You want to… Continue reading