The brainstorming tools you need

Brainstorming Tools

I’m not even sure how effective brainstorming is in the modern business context of meetings and meetings and calls and calls, but if you’re going to brainstorm — let’s at least do it right. Continue Reading


What is ‘collective creativity?’ (And could it work for you?)

Collective Creativity and Hierarchy

What if you flipped the power pyramid (i.e. the hierarchy) of your organization so that formal power slid to the bottom and idea-generation came from the rank-and-file? Could it make you more money? It might. Continue Reading


The key to sales: Never Be Closing

What if someone wrote a book about sales and selling called Never Be Closing, as opposed to the oft-cited Always Be Closing? Well, someone has — and they just did an interview with Hubspot’s blog too. Here’s a golden nugget:… Continue Reading

Perhaps the idea of “brainstorming” doesn’t make any sense at all

It would seem logical that better ideas could be generated in a group as opposed to simply by individuals — more perspectives and viewpoints, and an inherent vetting process in real-time. But then again, maybe that’s not true: But no study has… Continue Reading