Holiday season at work: Stop pounding your chest

Holiday Season

Watching Love Actually and KPI-chasing don’t go hand-in-hand. Continue Reading


Now begins the time of year where family > work

The holidays are when family means more than work

Ah, Monday. But this is a specific Monday! It’s the Monday of Thanksgiving week! (At least in the United States.) So you probably work today, maybe tomorrow, no more than half of Wednesday, and then you’re likely off for the… Continue Reading

Your Christmas stuff is likely from Yiwu, a small town in China

Yiwu Is Where Christmas Comes From

Read this, then read this, then watch this:

This Trayvon Martin Nativity scene may have gone a little overboard, yes

John Zachary, a 57 year-old artist, does the Nativity installation for Claremont United Methodist Church every year (he’s a parishioner). This year, the scene features a slumped-over, bleeding Trayvon Martin.┬áHere’s what Zachary had to say, via┬áThe Los Angeles Times: “He… Continue Reading

The yin and the yang of the holidays: Rion Holcombe and Steve Whitcomb

The holidays are supposed to be a blissful time for family and gatherings and, more often then not, they are. But for all the positives, periodically there are some negatives during this time of year as well. People lose loved… Continue Reading

Surfing Santas event has officially maxed out Cocoa Beach, FL; welcome to our confusing global future

This was the fifth year of “Surfing Santas,” an event down in Cocoa Beach, FL. It benefits Grind for Life, which is a really worthy cause. While there are other “Surfing Santa” events — like this one in Laguna Niguel… Continue Reading

Two groups that benefit immensely from Christmas morning: app developers and the Catholic Church

Ah, Christmas morning. If you have children under 11, you’re probably up at 5am. It’s undoubtedly a magical time, but we hardly associate it with money — in fact, most people are off, most places are closed, and you’re probably… Continue Reading


Well, this is depressing: more people die on Christmas then at any other time of the year

If you study the National Death Index — which is morbid, but some people do it for a living, like this guy — you would learn that Christmas, the day after Christmas and New Year’s Day are some of the… Continue Reading