Why is learning seemingly so hard within organizations?

In short: most people don’t really care. Continue Reading


The new manager problem: We’re all baboons

New manager

This one might have you humming Counting Crows. Continue Reading


Tie employee development to potential challenges

Employee development

Maybe put some data on it. Continue Reading


HR training needs a major shift in focus

HR training

It’s often way too much about process. Continue Reading


Save your learning and development with one question

Learning and development

The power of simplicity in business. Continue Reading

Cognitive learning often has no place at work

Cognitive Learning

If all you do all day is check boxes and answer the KPI bell, your thinking muscles atrophy. And then we expect those people to make the right political decisions, or want to join the right groups, or know how to structure a mortgage? Dominoes. Continue Reading


The basic life path is changing, and we should address that

I got this idea from here.┬áLet’s look at the “standard first-world life path:” Pretty simple, yes? You start in a “safety net” — meaning your parents are economically responsible for you, then you learn (K-12, college), and then you leave… Continue Reading


Statistically, learning probably beats knowing right now

I’m a huge fan of people that actually pursue learning — I feel like “CQ” should be in the conversation with “EQ” and “IQ” always — and I think one of the biggest flaws with our standard hiring processes is… Continue Reading