LinkedIn benefits 2017: Meh, not so much

LinkedIn benefits

“Oh hey, I don’t check this very much,” comes a response 10 months after you messaged someone. Continue Reading


Does LinkedIn’s effectiveness sit on a throne of lies?


I’ve always been a big fan of LinkedIn in any number of ways — as of this morning, I have 458 posts over there, although admittedly almost all of them are repurposed from this site and most are horrifically unpopular… Continue Reading


Here’s why LinkedIn publishing is probably NOT a good strategy

From The New Yorker’s really long, in-depth profile of billionaire LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman: LinkedIn would also purvey business advice. Three years ago, it assembled a group of eight hundred “influencers”—Hoffman, Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, Arianna Huffington—who began regularly posting on the… Continue Reading


Let’s talk realistically about LinkedIn publishing for a second

Pros and Cons LinkedIn Publishing

Just read this article on Forbes about LinkedIn publishing and how it’s poised to become the next great media company. Not sure I 100 percent agree, but my opinions are neither here nor there; I’m one person, and I’m not… Continue Reading