Conversational narcissism is slaughtering society

Conversational narcissism

80-20 rule, but done the wrong way. Continue Reading


How to convince someone: Currency of the modern age

How to convince someone

In an era of never-ending opinions and fake news, this seems fairly important. Continue Reading

Richard Branson and leadership through listening

Richard Branson Leadership

From here: Richard has so many attributes as a leader that I respect and want to replicate at Virgin Hotels, but what I commend the most about him is his listening skills.  Given his success, you might think he would… Continue Reading


Marketing and the passionate minority

Clean Marketing Message

Found this over on Mack Collier — he’s a good dude and runs #BlogChat, which I should probably contribute to more — about “clean” and “dirty” conversations in the marketing space. Before you excited and think some brand is gonna start… Continue Reading

Fast Company on how to introduce new ideas: Completely roll over

Getting People To Listen To New Ideas

I really like Fast Company and read it a lot, although moreso the digital side and less so the paper side (if I read the print product, I’m probably on a plane somewhere). Sometimes, however, they massively whiff with the stuff they… Continue Reading


Craft a vision. Talk about your vision. Listen to others about your vision?

Listen to Others at Work

Just had to go walk 4.3 miles to pick up my car — semi-rough evening last night with the wife — and in the process, I walked through a 5K (making me feel like a total wreck), walked through a… Continue Reading


People always confuse these “Get power at work” discussions

Getting Power At Work

Among the concepts in the world that most make me want to put a rifle to my dick and pull the trigger are “People tweeting headlines that promise some kind of amazing return in business or life” (such as “Six… Continue Reading

Key ways to get people to pay attention to you

Getting Attention From Others

These seem like relevant skills to have, right? Continue Reading