Be thankful for the journey (even when it sucks)

The whole path ultimately constitutes your life. Continue Reading


The dumb shit is what people remember, so lean into the dumb shit

Learn to embrace the uncomfortable and put it back into the world. Continue Reading


2015 was one of the worst years of my life. Let’s dance, 2016.

Ted Bauer 2015 Not Ideal

2015 was a bad year for me. It happens, and in the specific case of ’15, a bunch of it was on me. I ain’t running from that. Failure is an important thing to discuss. I got a bunch of it… Continue Reading


You can’t skip the second act in life

Brene Brown is the speaker behind one of the most popular TED Talks of all-time, and now she’s got a new book coming out — so she’s making the media rounds. Here she is with Fast Company: Last year, Brown gave… Continue Reading


One year in Texas. How’s that going (y’all)?

I dragged my feet on this post for a week. My actual one year of pulling into Fort Worth was July 13 (last Monday), and my actual one-year of working where I work now (Virtuoso travel network) was July 15… Continue Reading

Taking some time and going to Paris for a week or so

Eiffel Tower Ted Bauer Paris

I probably won’t blog that much for the next week (if at all) because my wife and I are going to Paris from tonight through next Monday. Cool thing about that, which I’ll try to say without sounding like a… Continue Reading


… that time I accidentally went to a Low-Testosterone doctor, though…

Low Testosterone Men

Pretty recently moved to Fort Worth (little over six months at this point), and since I figure I’m not the healthiest person of all-time, I wanted to go get a physical. It’s actually pretty amazing how ridiculously hard it is… Continue Reading

My life is all “Sliding Doors” right now with ESPN in Sundance Square

ESPN Sundance Square

Back in summer 2001, a bunch of my friends and I lived in DC (we were all between sophomore and junior year at Georgetown). The people from that summer are still pretty much some of my best friends, minus my… Continue Reading