Welcome to the platform thinking era

Platform Thinking

How the psychology of change, coupled with fear, cripples a lot of executive decision-making. Continue Reading


Talent management strategy should leave HR

Talent Management Strategy

I know: let’s put the acquisition of people — a company’s biggest cost and greatest resource — into the hands of a department that executives barely care about. This will end super well. Continue Reading

The A-Player fallacy


We deify the idea, but it’s mostly wrong. Continue Reading


Attracting top talent is actually fairly simple

Attracting Top Talent Can Be Simple

Back in June 2014, I sat in a Starbucks near Copley Square in Boston and wrote this post on whether recruiting should even be a function of Human Resources anymore. At the time, I was applying for jobs — I was… Continue Reading

Only 13.3% of the 30 global talent hubs are in the United States

My friend blasted me at this wedding last weekend and said I read every column inch of CityLab, which may or may not be 100 percent true (but is probably close to true). I was just reading it — GUILTY AS… Continue Reading