I’ve unfriended people on Facebook. I’ve most assuredly been unfriended on there. Now here’s some research on why all this happens.

Ten years ago, no one knew what the concept of “un-friending” someone was, save for possibly not calling them or texting them back. Now it’s a fairly common part of the linguistic world in which we live, and it happens… Continue Reading

Beyonce and Jay-Z doing an On The Run summer tour, eh? July 4th weekend in Philly just got a lot more intense

Go to about 2:30 on the above video, if you wish. Beyonce is doing “Upgrade U” live in Los Angeles, wearing a flowery yellow dress, and suddenly, Jay-Z — who is a part of that song if you were to… Continue Reading

Tucker County, West Virginia is the least diverse place in America. Cue the eye rolls.

Randy Olson — a true “data visualization” guy — put in some work on the diversity of every county in the United States. There’s some detail on it here, and on his own blog here. Here’s how the process worked:… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: when you really think about it, isn’t the hiring process set up in a way that completely disregards the idea of learning?

I’m finishing grad school right now and have been on a series of different interviews over the past few months, so this is just something I’ve observed that’s a little curious. By no means am I an expert on any… Continue Reading

Honda (a car company) and UC-Davis just built a smart home together. Wait, why?

Our homes + our cars = 44 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. So what if the two were synced up — as part of the emerging “Internet of Things” or “smart grid” — in an effort to get to zero-carbon… Continue Reading


Can you make money (revenue) off social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc? And if you can’t, will social someday become a fad?

Let’s start with a couple of basics: Facebook and Twitter, the two behemoths in the general social media space right now (I’d classify Instagram as Facebook, and I might include YouTube as the third behemoth), are now both public companies.… Continue Reading

Lest we forget in the midst of all the racism discussions, Donald Sterling is also quite the misogynist too

Donald Sterling is (currently, at least for the next several hours/days) the longest-tenured owner in the NBA; he’s been in that role with the Los Angeles Clippers for 33 years. Normally, that would be a major badge of honor — think of… Continue Reading

Two sides of how far the world has evolved, in one airport trip

Yesterday I had to fly from Charlotte to Chicago, then Chicago to Minneapolis (the way out had been direct). It was one of those situations where, as Plane No. 1 lands and taxis forever, you start to get nervous —… Continue Reading