The value of protests in the algorithm age


Those 29 likes on your funny Instagram sign are not “fighting the establishment” just yet. Continue Reading

Jesus Christ, how about this attention span stat?

Declining Attention Span

From here: “In the 1980s and 1990s, advertisers needed to be in front of prospects six to eight times to become recognizable, says Bill Corbett, Jr., president of Corbett Public Relations. “Today this number is closer to 21 and may… Continue Reading

“Got a minute?” costs the U.S. economy about $588 billion a year

Interruptions and Productivity

Got that stat in the headline from here. Basically the idea speaks to the power (for evil) of interruption, which is common in most workplace cultures, I’d auger. “Hey, got a minute?” At my current job, I actually saw one of those go… Continue Reading

Key ways to get people to pay attention to you

Getting Attention From Others

These seem like relevant skills to have, right? Continue Reading

Stop fucking checking your phone all the time

Pre-teens rock their phone or iPad or laptop 7.5 hours a day, adults rock some screen about 8.5 hours a day, and of course, all this is tied to a reduction in creativity (or so we believe). I’ve sat at… Continue Reading

The fact that the ‘productivity app’ market has grown 150 percent in the past year is inherently ironic, right?

Was reading this article earlier today, and while the actual topic of the article is interesting — essentially, a company in Berlin made an app that makes the concept of a to-do list “fun” (although I’d argue a lot of… Continue Reading

The world got impatient; one second of slower load time can cost Amazon $1.6 billion across a year

There are some statistics you run across in the course of consuming information that just straight up blow your mind. Here’s one example: The most staggering statistic in @VaclavSmil’s new book: http://t.co/2N6cpXQsJ5 pic.twitter.com/QPcBscSLXj — Bill Gates (@BillGates) June 13, 2014… Continue Reading


Why does everyone call their e-mail marketing an “e-blast?”

Over the last 72 hours, even after using Unroll.me, I’ve gotten about 20 things called an “e-blast.” I had never thought that much about this before, but where I’m working part-time right now calls their own internal e-mail every Tuesday/Wednesday… Continue Reading