How can you create business urgency with limited resources?

If a business has been around for 5-10 years and it’s generally making money, there’s usually an established series of “cash cows” within the org — i.e. the things that actually make it the money. (Insert something about 80/20 rule… Continue Reading


Maybe we should stop focusing on “selling product”

Stop Selling Product, Start Selling Experiences

There are a handful of things that happen every day in the business world where a logical person would look over and say, “Wait, what just happened?” One of the bigger ones, for me, is this over-focus on products and processes as… Continue Reading

88 percent of rewarded and appreciated projects begin with this one question

Make A Difference That People Love

If you knew how to start a project so that people gave you the ol’ “Atta Boy!” for it every time, wouldn’t you use that method? Continue Reading

The New Business: RIP, Product and Inventory

RIP Inventory and Product

This shit may blow your mind. Consider: Uber is the world’s largest taxi company. It doesn’t own any vehicles. Facebook is the world’s largest media company. It doesn’t produce any of its own content. Alibaba is the world’s most valuable… Continue Reading


The one thing your product needs is a simple, elegant interface

Importance of Interface Design

Consider this: The light bulb (Edison) was introduced in 1879; we didn’t see major productivity gains from it until the 1920s. Computers existed in the 1950s and 1960s, but we didn’t see major usage until the 1980s. The Internet even… Continue Reading

On do-everything vs. ‘best of breed’

Best of Breed

I went to this conference for work last week, and ’twas hosted by a CMS (content management system). I was walking around like a total mess at this thing, mostly because it was developer-focused and I’m a content/marketing guy (I can’t… Continue Reading