Could acqui-hiring work outside the tech space?

The basic concept of “acqui-hiring” is pretty simple — as more tech talent (primarily that’s the industry where this happens) opts for start-ups over bigger companies, the bigger companies find it harder to acquire talent the conventional way (i.e. recruiting… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: could modern-day San Francisco someday go the way of Detroit?

This isn’t going to be the most informed post of all-time; it’s mostly just a set of potentials and theories. Still, I think it’s interesting to consider. Start here: you can make an argument that, in the pre-war period and… Continue Reading

The two “next big things” for tech are the mobile space and data. As such, is Facebook about to overtake Google?

You can certainly make a case that the Internet/tech world is shifting a bit. Mobile is “the next big thing,” and that space hurts Google — phrased simply, there’s less space for ads; phrased in a more complicated way, Google does know what… Continue Reading

American investors love companies that have growth potential but may be losing money: Amazon, Pandora, etc. Is Spotify next?

Amazon doesn’t really make profits, and investors love it. Pandora is having strong growth in monthly active users, but was a company in 2005 and just had a profitable year in 2013 — and that’s only if you remove certain one-off expenses. Meanwhile, look at… Continue Reading


Big data is the future, but no one seems to understand it and we’re not teaching it enough. Can this end well?

Let’s follow the bouncing ball here: 1. The Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) released the top 10 office trends of 2014 recently; admittedly it reads a little bit like a press release from someone in their 50s who’s nervous… Continue Reading


eBay had a $50 billion value cap turnaround, but it’s not because of CEO John Donahoe, per se. It’s because of Jack Abraham and a secret trip to Australia.

This won’t be a long post, because Nicholas Carlson at Business Insider did all the heavy lifting, but I want to write something about it quickly, because it really is a good story about how challenging the established system can sometimes… Continue Reading


Here’s what could really shift the future of American cities away from San Francisco, New York, and Boston

You could choke a horse on the Internet with lists about the “best city” or the “future city” of America — Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City and others have all topped different lists — and now there’s a new study… Continue Reading


On 60 Minutes and the cleantech / Vinod Khosla story

The above piece aired on 60 Minutes last night. It was part of an overall interesting show that profiled volcanoes, clean tech, and Kim Dotcom (who has 60 lush acres in New Zealand and thinks of himself as James Bond for some… Continue Reading