Is Kemper County, Mississippi going to be the future of the climate change battle?

You may have heard about the Kemper County (MS) power plant — here’s the Wiki for it, for good measure — as it could be a major step forward in the climate change battle. Here’s the basic situation: the plant converts coal into… Continue Reading

The first Earth Day was the result of Gaylord Nelson, Pete McCloskey, and Denis Hayes

“This planet is threatened with destruction — and, we who live in it, with death.” This were some of the first words associated with Earth Day when it started — way back in 1970 — and despite being depressing, the… Continue Reading

If you have $340,000 and can move to Sri Lanka by 2016, you could basically live in a 46-story-tall forest

Milroy Perera was previously the architect of note on the Kandalama Hotel in Sri Lanka (video profile above), which is carved into a rock face and faces out towards an ancient jungle. (“You’re not a guest; you’re part of nature.”) Now he’s… Continue Reading


Brief thought exercise: if you knew conclusively what happened when you died, would you treat the world better right now?

This isn’t a full-fledged post by any means; ’tis just a thought exercise. If you believe that things like overpopulation and peak oil and food supply and over-dependence on fossil fuels and the future of the oceans are all concerns we could be addressing more now, then… Continue Reading


This Bhutan-electric car partnership is both odd and interesting

Here’s Bhutan: It’s near Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, China and India. It’s extremely insular, and tourism only even began in 1974. To this day, you need to enter with some type of group; just booking a flight to Bhutan isn’t something one… Continue Reading