Holacracy has some issues with vocabulary and compensation

Holacracy Organization

I’m broadly a fan of the idea of holacracy — essentially, running a company without true management titles in a way that’s supposed to foster healthier approaches to conflict and allow for more fluid movement between roles — because, to… Continue Reading


Is it possible that almost everything about classic management advice is wrong?

We’ve talked about holacracy before, but it’s gaining a little bit of steam — specifically in areas like Silicon Valley and Seattle that are potentially a bit more forward-thinking as far as corporate structure goes. There’s a long, really good… Continue Reading


Tony Hsieh, Zappos, Darwin and (maybe) the future of work

If you ask a woman anywhere north of about 16 right now to name a good company for customer service, I’d bet you $10 (and that’s a lot for me, if we’re being open here) that within the first three… Continue Reading