You’ll do 590 actual hours of work in 2016

You Will Barely Work 600 Hours in 2015

If you’re American, you probably classify yourself as a workaholic, or think “the work never ends” (because you often answer your e-mail on weekends or at nights). This is admittedly all a small part of “The Busy Trap,” which in turn… Continue Reading

58 percent of supervisor job skills come from four traits. Learn them.

Emotional Quotient

Want to be a better manager? Focus on these four core concepts. Continue Reading

Going to a random wedding is basically like watching 1/6th of a movie

Generic Wedding Photo

Sometimes I think we — in the global sense, meaning “humans” — are conditioned to believe that every wedding we attend is some majorly special thing, because for two people — and two families — it truly is. The thing… Continue Reading

Jim Harbaugh vs. Urban Meyer isn’t another 10 Year War, sadly

Jim Harbaugh Urban Meyer

Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers parted ways last night, as expected; interestingly, he won exactly 49 games as their coach, including one NFC Championship. He’s now purportedly headed to Michigan, according to literally every report under the sun. He was… Continue Reading


Theresa Benn’s death is now a homicide. Was it Kevin Dulaney?

Theresa Benn Kevin Dulaney

You can read about the basic facts of this case here, but for media purposes, this will probably be “The NASCAR Case.” A woman went missing in the area of Talladega Super Speedway (NASCAR venue) on October 19th in the… Continue Reading

Voice mail is basically dead. Is e-mail next?

Will E-Mail Die?

Even 20 years ago, everyone opened their workday by checking VMs. Now that’s a relic. Could that happen with e-mail? Continue Reading


Are Phoenix and Miami really going to become more walkable?

Miami Skyline

Two cities long associated with “You must have a car!” may be drastically shifting. Continue Reading


Is Charlotte Wilkerson the key in the Jessica Chambers case?

Charlotte Wilkerson Jessica Chambers

Written about this case twice — here and here — and it resonates with me, as it probably does with anyone following it, because it’s so awful (a girl was burned alive), seems so corrupt (look at the first link) and,… Continue Reading