Experience shouldn’t matter in job search, but boy … does it ever.

Experience Shouldn't Matter For Jobs, But It Does

Got that video from the Stanford Business School Insights page, and notably this post. Here’s essentially what a couple of researchers did/found: Along with University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School’s Camelia Kuhnen (who earned her PhD at Stanford GSB),… Continue Reading


Marketing really needs to evolve

Marketing Needs To Evolve

I currently work in marketing, and while I abhor the concept of “the marketing expert,” I do tend to write about it a lot. Here’s one super-esoteric example of that. I also poke around and read about marketing a lot — because… Continue Reading


So wait, Monica Lewinsky is a hero and crusader now? No. Please no.

Monica Lewinsky TED Talk

Finally got around to watching the Monica Lewinsky TED Talk from TED2015 last night before I went to bed. (“TED2015: Where The Badges Actually Had Purpose.”) I’m going to say some things right now that might make me seem like… Continue Reading

74% of executives say customer experience is a priority. Is it?

Customer Experience Should Be A Priority

Not breaking news: executives at companies large and small often claim one thing is a priority (words), then their actions make it clear that a totally different thing is the real priority. For example: “talent strategy” is a priority, folks!… Continue Reading


Problem-solving at work: Struggle and insight go together

Struggles often lead to insights

There are dozens of things I don’t understand about how most workplaces are structured, but potentially paramount among that series of things I don’t get is this sequence: A business needs ideas and innovations from time to time to move… Continue Reading

Business travel confuses the hell out of me

Business Travel Is Confusing

This morning, my wife was dealing with someone she works with — and admittedly, my wife is about 2 days from leaving her job, so the phrase “checked out” might apply here in earnest — and basically, this co-worker had… Continue Reading


How confirmation bias explains your job (and your parents)

Confirmation Bias and The Breakfast Club

Here’s a good article from Fast Company, including this quote: In a nutshell, people will interpret your current behavior in a way that makes it consistent with your past behavior, and they will tend to play down or completely ignore evidence… Continue Reading

Your time at work really isn’t your own. Change that.

Make time at work your own

This is a really good, albeit long, article from Wharton (UPenn) summarizing the different speakers they had at a recent event in SF, and how everyone basically talked about how relationships are central to business success. It’s a good and uplifting article… Continue Reading