Caring about others might make you more depressed, oddly

“Pro-social” brains. Continue Reading


What if your co-workers AREN’T lazy and work is just designed all wrong?

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Tie marketing back to emotions

Emotions and Consumer Behavior

Marketers spend a lot of time worried about ‘power branding’ and ‘automation suites’ and ‘the biggest possible number,’ and in reality? Very few of those things actually matter. We live in a much different world than we did even in 2003. That has… Continue Reading


Financial decisions = akin to how animals find food

Your brain is like an animal's brain decision-wise

Some new brain research out of Wharton (UPenn) recently, and while it’s not entirely fleshed out yet and has more potential for research options, this is an amazing section: One of the fascinating takeaways from our research is that people… Continue Reading


Marketing 101: Decisions come from your memories

Marketing and Brain and Memories

This is what always surprises me about marketing, right? At essence, marketing is a support function for sales. You create a message, or a story, or a campaign, or however you want to define it. That message is ultimately supposed to help… Continue Reading


Why work sucks: Your boss is trying to predict threats

Avoiding Risk And Your Brain

Employee-manager relationship: challenging. Work: inherent clusterfuck much of the time. Reasons for this: numerous. Some reasons are even rooted in science! Here’s one: “[The brain’s] need [to survive] focuses attention on the sources of danger and on trying to predict where the next… Continue Reading

The key to understanding love on Valentine’s Day isn’t Hallmark, it’s the insula and the striatum

Lot of different theories on V-Day depending on where you are in the great relational roller coaster — some love it, some hate it, some utterly indifferent towards it. (I’m married, but more the latter than anything else.) I thought… Continue Reading