Here’s a good way to explain what “design” is in a business context

Simple Design Is The Key To Companies

In the “new business world” — where maybe product and inventory matter less — you can make an argument that the No. 1 thing any company needs is simple, easy-to-use-and-understand design. You could make a similar case that this basic idea — simple interfaces… Continue Reading

Could good design/UX help us retire better?

Retirement Planning Design

This topic has been coming up a lot recently. Harvard Business Review had a whole article on it — with studies! — a few days ago, and here’s a profile of Facebook’s former design chief joining WealthFront as a VP of design.… Continue Reading

74% of executives say customer experience is a priority. Is it?

Customer Experience Should Be A Priority

Not breaking news: executives at companies large and small often claim one thing is a priority (words), then their actions make it clear that a totally different thing is the real priority. For example: “talent strategy” is a priority, folks!… Continue Reading

The six traits that an attractive city supposedly needs

What Makes A City Beautiful?

Here are two interesting concepts related to this discussion: A lot of times, people will say things such as “The beauty of a city is subjective!” To a certain extent, that’s true; it’s also true that how someone perceives a… Continue Reading


The one thing your product needs is a simple, elegant interface

Importance of Interface Design

Consider this: The light bulb (Edison) was introduced in 1879; we didn’t see major productivity gains from it until the 1920s. Computers existed in the 1950s and 1960s, but we didn’t see major usage until the 1980s. The Internet even… Continue Reading

Mexico City is apparently building a massive, squid-esque airport

Look at this thing. It’s described as “X-Shape,” but it really does kind of look like a squid or other sea creature. Mexico City is the ninth-largest city in the world, and this thing is apparently going to cost $9… Continue Reading


Could urban physics significantly impact organizational culture?

This is pretty interesting. Just like social physics has cropped up as a concept recently (especially as regards health care), now something called “urban physics” is cropping up, specifically at MIT and NYU, among other university locations. The basic idea… Continue Reading

Maybe this is why everyone you ever talk to seems to be in the process of redesigning their website

Have two job interviews this week, and am also working freelance for another group right now — in all three cases, the organizations admit their website is “rough” and want to see a re-design of it. They have coders/developers and… Continue Reading