Workload management 101: 52-17 ratio


52 minutes waxing on, and 17 minutes waxing off — although your manager might freak the eff out if you use this approach. Continue Reading


What if “the flexibility stigma” cripples the U.S. economically?

The Flexibility Stigma

Here’s one study — and yes, it’s just one — and here’s the corresponding summary and analysis at Harvard Business Review. If you can’t figure out what “the flexibility stigma” might be on face, let me briefly explain: people want more flexibility about their… Continue Reading


Why is it so complicated for people to understand Google’s people success?

Google's Approach To People Is Logical

Stop treating people like farm animals and you’ll do alright for yourself. Continue Reading


Results-Only Work Environment, or ROWE, should be the wave of the future. The problem? Often, employees are treated like children.

There’s a long article on Slate from over the weekend — I think it’s one of their most popular and most shared, all that — about ROWE, or Results-Only Work Environment. Here’s the article. I’ve written about this kind of stuff a ton… Continue Reading