Why do we assume group chat is productive at work?

Group chat

“A harried culture of constant interruption.” Continue Reading


Maybe Slack could finally end some corporate seat time discussions

Corporate Seat Time

Last April, I wrote about how maybe Slack could revolutionize the workplace; then in February, I wrote about how they got to a $2 billion valuation with no CMO, which is insanely rare for a lot of companies. There’s something… Continue Reading


No CMO + listen better = $1 billion company in 2 years. Believe in this.

Lessons of Slack as a company

I wrote about Slack maybe a year ago; at the time, it was essentially a total throw-away post. I had seen something on a business website and decided, “Oh, that sounds interesting.” Broadly, these work applications really interest me —… Continue Reading

Maybe something called Slack could revolutionize the workplace

So many people you meet will spend time pursuing/chasing “Inbox Zero,” denoting it as a badge of accomplishment. But then, er, IBM has done studies indicating that a clean, organized inbox holds no essential benefit.┬áMaybe it’s better to not organize… Continue Reading