Your diversity hiring policy is likely missing a few boats

Hiring Policy

We should think less in terms of skin tone and more in terms of interests outside of work, perspectives, etc. Continue Reading

2017 is when your recruitment methods change. Right?

Recruitment methods

Bellow about headcount, screech about the skills gap, rush to hire without context, and then wonder why your team is whiffing on goals. Sound familiar? 2017 can be the year we stop it. Continue Reading


Talent management strategy should leave HR

Talent Management Strategy

I know: let’s put the acquisition of people — a company’s biggest cost and greatest resource — into the hands of a department that executives barely care about. This will end super well. Continue Reading


Succession planning is about psychology

Succession Planning

To some guys, this is the most emotionally-intense part of work: you essentially have to admit that your company can exist without you. OH LORDY. Continue Reading


Internal recruitment: Yes, it’s valuable for you

Internal Recruitment

Stop hiring off FOMO. Continue Reading