Deep thought: The three things you can’t talk about

Talk about sex, money, and failure

This is something kinda interesting to me, so I thought I’d do a quick post about it. If you really get down to it, there are three things that basically explain life: Sex: This begins it. Failure: This is what you learn from, give… Continue Reading

Could good design/UX help us retire better?

Retirement Planning Design

This topic has been coming up a lot recently. Harvard Business Review had a whole article on it — with studies! — a few days ago, and here’s a profile of Facebook’s former design chief joining WealthFront as a VP of design.… Continue Reading

The biggest themes of the most-shared Internet content are…

What Does The Internet Think About?

If you read David Plotz’s goodbye letter from Slate a while back, you might assume that all that matters on the Internet is memes and funny (or animal) pictures. (Hell, if you’ve ever been on the Internet for 45 or… Continue Reading

Fuck it, yo. How about an unconditional basic income?

Pay Everyone To Have A Base Quality Of Life

Would probably never work in the United States, and even so — we might be headed there. Continue Reading

Should you combine finances with your spouse / significant other?

Combining Finances After Marriage

I personally think so, but this is a fairly divisive issue. Continue Reading

Being happy: shift away from money, towards time


Research on happiness is always somewhat interesting to me. After all, that’s pretty much the basic human emotion we’re all seeking, right? People are always trying to be happy. There are entire industries that spring up around trying to make people happy.… Continue Reading

Abilify explains America in a nutshell


This probably won’t be a very long post, but I still think it’s somewhat interesting/relevant. First off, I’m somewhat depressed a good deal of the time, although I don’t take any drugs for it. (I have been to therapy off… Continue Reading

Organizations like to describe women as “abrasive”

The gender bias in performance reviews can be pretty ridiculous. Continue Reading