The most popular TED Talks ever kinda prove you’re living life wrong

Lessons from TED Talks

TED Talks, as a general concept, are fairly inspirational (or at least informative). I have the TED Roku channel for this exact reason: sometimes I just want to watch 2-3 in a row to help me contextualize an issue better.… Continue Reading

Three ways to maximize your willpower (which is a finite resource)

Motivation and Willpower

You can define the idea of “getting things done,” as this article does, as the intersection of “motivation” and “willpower.” The idea of willpower is actually a finite resource — which scientists and researchers only really have known in the last decade… Continue Reading

95 percent of managers don’t understand motivation

I’ve written about topics akin to this a few different times — for example, 82 percent of managerial hires are probably the wrong one and intrinsic motivation isn’t really that well-understood and maybe leadership’s focus should be on empathy — and now… Continue Reading


In which things like Badgeville and gamification destroy the office world

There’s a broad idea called ‘gamification’ — essentially, turning something fairly tangible (education, business) into a game that can be tracked and lead to rewards. It’s obviously a controversial approach and the data on it is a little bit not all… Continue Reading


One of the greatest challenges of our time? How to motivate employees aside from simple compensation models

There’s a profile of Mark Zuckerberg in The Wall Street Journal that’s getting some attention for a couple of different reasons: first off, Zuckerberg doesn’t do profiles very often, so the base idea is rare. Second off, it’s a wide-ranging portrait of… Continue Reading