The dumb shit is what people remember, so lean into the dumb shit

Learn to embrace the uncomfortable and put it back into the world. Continue Reading


The value of protests in the algorithm age


Those 29 likes on your funny Instagram sign are not “fighting the establishment” just yet. Continue Reading

Add “business journey” to the buzzword list

Business Journey

Your origin story and path forward should be notable elements of who you are, but often they’re jargon-chocked BS. What now? Continue Reading

Can you challenge the status quo at work?

Challenge the status quo

It’s not about rolling over and playing dead for the execs, but it does involve a bit of strategy and logic. Continue Reading


The ‘on brand’ problem

On Brand

It’s important to be “on brand,” yes, but you need an actual understanding of what that term means in order to achieve that nirvana. Continue Reading

The power of business storytelling

Business Storytelling

I’ve written before about the general power of storytelling — to leadership efforts, for example, or to marketing — but now let’s discuss it in the context of business storytelling. Here’s a Wharton interview with Carmine Gallo, author of a… Continue Reading


Does marketing focus too much on campaigns?

Marketing and the over-focus on campaigns

“I don’t have time for that! We’re launching a new marketing campaign this week!” I’ve worked in a bunch of different marketing departments and capacities at companies in different industries and verticals, and I’ve always seen — especially from middle… Continue Reading


What’s your Capital-S Story?

Here’s what we know: Storytelling is very important in marketing and branding Although less people realize it, storytelling is also very important in developing leaders About 20 percent of workers globally — give or take — see/find a sense of… Continue Reading