“We’ll keep your resume on file!” And then what?

Keep your resume on file

AI might make hiring more effective here. Continue Reading


Business, simplified: It’s about your problem solving approach

Problem solving approach

Let’s keep this real simple for you. Continue Reading


A nice stat about executives lip servicing digital marketing

A doozy. Continue Reading


Can we ever kill silo thinking? (Likely not.)

Silo thinking

Don’t hold your breath here. Continue Reading


Performance feedback really isn’t as hard as we think

Performance feedback

It’s really amazing how bad most managers are at feedback. Continue Reading


Internal networking > external networking

Internal networking

This one might confuse some people. Continue Reading


Effective decision making is about basically one thing

Effective decision making

The brain psychology of management kind of kills the idea of effective decision making. Continue Reading


Maybe we should stop assuming change is hard

Change is hard

What if we began from a place of assuming success as opposed to assuming failure? Continue Reading